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At diverseconcept we believe every venue should have its own story. Finding the right balance between current trends, market needs and expectations, as well as authenticity, is key to the success of any F+B operation. 

Our ability to combine the owners' vision with the operators' standards and meet market demands has allowed us to work with some of the biggest and most reputable brand names globally. 

diverseconcept creations are sustainable, unpredictable and fun. 

Our Expertise

diverseconcept is a leading F+B concept design company working on small to large scale projects in Asia & Europe. 

From extensive market research to detailed concept proposals and effective implementation, the diverseconcept team has a reputation of creating exceptional and successful F+B destinations. 

Years of international experience combined with a passion for all things F+B allow us to deliver outstanding venues to be enjoyed by the guests and commercially rewarding for our clients.


The diverseconcept service begins with the concept creation and follows through to  implementation and post-opening support. 

We identify individual local demands for each project and make sure our support and services are customized appropriately. 

Language capabilities - our concept documents are composed in English, German, French and Japanese on request.

Company Profile

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Gary Szillich

Founder & Principle Designer

For more than 25 years Gary has been instrumental in designing restaurant and bar concepts around the globe.


Owning and operating 12 restaurants, featuring a variety of concepts has provided Gary with a unique ability to create aspirational venues that work as profit centres and are designed to enhance the customers’ experience at the same time.

Years of international travel, whether for business or pleasure, and connecting with industry specialists across the globe, allows Gary to stay current when it comes to the changing F+B market trends and demands. 


His creations are operationally efficient, unpredictable and deliver the desired element of surprise.


Leading diverseconcept in pursuit of delivering timeless food and beverage concepts has been, and will be, his passion for a long time to come.

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