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Not one size fits all.

Whether it’s a traditional all-day diner or a creative specialty restaurant, venues within hotels have pushed the envelope and embraced a myriad of concepts designs. Spaces ranging from barista coffee shops to rooftop bars to fine dining outlets, allow hotels to tell many different kinds of stories.


These are free standing restaurants in any location. Being independent of any other entity enables these outlets to have limitless creative license. When it comes to concept creation and implementation, the possibilities are endless. 

Hotel F+B

Concept Specific

Standalone Venues

Ever the popular trend this past decade, food halls are top of mind when it comes to innovative F+B venues. It enables the operators to include multiple concepts and venues under one roof and is a wonderful way of promoting socialization. 

markthalle 9 berlin.jpg

This includes food courts and restaurants within shopping malls. The range of cuisines is vast, as is the type of dining venues. 

shopping centre f+b.jpg

Food Halls

Shopping Centre F+B

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