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Branding & identity is one of the most important elements of success for any product, business or brand - Successful branding is about telling a story that will influence customers’ emotions – plain and simple. diverseconcept dives deep into the story behind each brand in order to make sure the right message is communicated and the right people are reached when designing and developing each  unique branding identity. Creating memorable experiences relies not only on a good concept but also branding components such as naming, logo design and creating a consistent theme throughout all marketing communications and collateral. 


Naming is the first step in the branding process and is pivotal in creating an image and identity. The name has the power to increase business and can describe the product or experience you are offering. diverseconcept explores different angles and ideas in order to find the best outcome. 

logo sketching bw.jpg


While logo design is only a part of a company’s brand, it serves as the foundation for the entire narrative on which the brand is built. Similar to ‘naming’, a logo offers customers an idea of what to expect and fosters brand loyalty. Often people will forget a name, but a logo will be associated with memories of the brand! 

logo design


Collateral is one of the most powerful marketing tools a business can have. Business cards are the obvious one, but don’t forget about the box of matches or pen that were ‘mistakenly’ taken home and in turn travel from hand to hand. Creative application of the logo to the required collateral is just as important as the logo itself. diverseconcept makes sure that each item serves its purpose, both in functionality and as a marketing tool.

stationary bw.jpg
menu bw.jpg


A menu is the window into the F+B offering. It is the cover to the book which people will actually judge. Designing a menu that is in line with the concept and cuisine is vital to the guest’s overall experience. Diverseconcept offers creative, appropriate menu design keeping functionality and operational aspects in mind. 


To offer a holistic experience to the brand diverseconcept makes sure that everything is in line with the branding efforts, from oversized wall signage to directional signage helping you navigate your way to the toilets. These items are designed to match the concept and logo design, and of course, catch people’s attention. 

menu design
brand manual bw.jpg


Finally, when our work is done, we leave you with a detailed manual on the branding identity designed for your business. Outlining logo application guidelines, primary and secondary typography, colour codes and promotional collateral instructions and more, we make sure you have everything you need to make your brand be seen and create success! 

brand Manual
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