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“The Pyschology of F&B concept creation”

A Holistic Experience

There’s no question that a successful F&B operation is a holistic experience of many aspects. While cutting edge equipment, good food and other such details are instrumental in a restaurant’s performance, nothing is more important than the psychology behind attracting the right clientele to the specific concept at hand.

These days, owners who have the freedom to, shy away from cookie-cutter concepts perpetuated by industry mandates. Being able to work within the parameters of corporate dictation yet instill market-appropriate originality is the key to any F&B concept design process. The end game is, of course, return on investment—this relies on proper methodology with a specific, goal-oriented mindset.

Market Research, Market Research, Market Research

Preparation breeds success; thus, comprehensive market research should never be underestimated. Leaving no stones unturned here leads to a pitch-perfect concept. IMS Marketing sums up the importance of market research succinctly: “Without market research we are reliant on instinct and anecdotal information to make key business decisions, this is not always accurate. Having good market intelligence helps to minimise risks.”

Concept creation weaves each market research detail with creativity and current trends. After this step the target audience should be quite clear.

The Other Puzzle Pieces

Once the concept has been curated, it becomes very much like a performance production. The correct setting and team must be in place in order to bring the concept to life and tell the story properly. The key word here is “story,” without which the restaurant lacks life and spirit. In generating the ideal concept for a venue, we are essentially telling a tenable and engaging story. It is this story woven throughout that allows guests to not only eat and drink, but also immerse themselves in the dining experience and revel in the discovery of the venue, tangibly and intangibly.

Having the right story also helps to capture the proper target market for the venue. It is this vision that is also crucial to the restaurant’s success from its opening onwards. Who will be the ideal patrons to capture in order to make the business successful? This is the question which should be consistently and clearly answerable for those driving the concept.

What we bring to the table

The specific talent to do just this is what urges diverseconcept’s clients to come back to us and refer us to new projects. The restaurant business is a constantly evolving beast. With significant hurdles and challenges entering this picture this year and social media leading us into a ‘brave new world’ or ‘new normal’ or whatever you’d like to call it—it is that concrete ethos that keeps us a preferred choice for concept development.

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